Unlike this lady, many others did not return home and they started a new life in other parts of the country. They have become inner refugees. How many of them are there and what do they struggle with?

Around 1.8 million people have fled the areas with heavy fighting since 2014. 400 000 headed for Russia and remaining almost 1.5 million stayed in the Ukraine. They have become so called inner refugees.

The UNHCR carries an extensive statistics of the people who decided to flee the war. The statistic shows that an overwhelming majority of pensioners might have left their homes, however they stayed in neighbouring villages or towns where they could feel at least a bit at home. The young people left for big cities, most often Kiev. These were often active people who did not have problems startingin the new environment.

However, not everybody did well in a new place. Many did not have sufficient financial reserves to be able to afford to pay for the rent in big cities and therefore they lived in so called collective centres – in former sanatoriums and in run-down dormitories. They were helped by various humanitarian organizations.

Still, there is no place like home. Although the fire in the vicinity of their homes did not stop, it is not as dangerous as it used to be. Therefore many inner refugees returned to the front line.

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