About project

Some wars have disappeared from the front pages of newspapers, but they have never ended. This is one of them.

In 2014, the war in the Eastern Ukraine broke out. It has changed lives of millions of people for good. Thousands have lost their lives, hundreds of thousands have fled the region, however some have stayed, in spite of unceasinggunfire and poverty in the war region. And it is their stories that you can find on this website.

The web documentary The Forgotten War describes everyday life of people in the small town of Avdeevka that for long had been a sleepy suburb of a much bigger Donetsk but in 2014 it technically appeared on a front line. The website is neither an encyclopaedic list, nor analysis of events that happened in the Eastern Ukraine; it rather depicts the special atmosphere of places where the big fighting ceased but the war remains an inseparable part of live.

However, each story represents some of the general problems – e.g. access to the education, poor financial situationor lacking public facilities. It is not only the citizens of Avdeevka who have to face this. There are other towns and villages on front lines, in the Ukraine and elsewhere. There is a number of forgotten wars all over the world and they are similar in a way.

The project development started in the cooperation of a Czech production company PINK and FAMU in 2017. One year later, The Forgotten War was supported by the Czech Film Fund. The final shape of the project resulted substantially from the opportunity to discuss the project at international events (!FLab 2017, East Doc Interactive 2018, i-docs 2018, Sheffield Alternate Realities Market 2018) and later from the cooperation with New Media Studies at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University.

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